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    Hitachi Magic Wand Original Personal Massager (HV-260) 

    Hitachi Magic Wand Original Personal Massager (HV-260)

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    In June 2013, the Hitachi Magic Wand, "The Cadillac of Vibrators" was re-launched as the Magic Wand Original, with new packaging and a slightly different design. As part of those improvements, the unit's switch circuitry has been improved and the handle has been reinforced to decrease the intensity of the vibrations felt in the user's hand. The goal was to make the vibrator smoother to its user and increase its ultimate quality. We think they've accomplished their goals! We feel that the rebranded Magic Wand Original with its new packaging facelift and technical improvements is stronger than ever and will provide years of satisfaction. 

    Why do women (and men) rave about this Magic Wand Original as an intimate vibrator? The answer is simple; it is one of the strongest, most potent intimate vibrators on the market. Many women report that this is the only vibrator powerful enough to ensure an orgasm. While others, love it for its ability to bring on those euphoric orgasms with lightening speed! It is so powerful, that its low setting is enough to satisfy most women. If it is still too much, some women suggest using a towel between their body and the, soft tennis ball sized, head to dampen its intensity.

    Most vibrators are battery operated or rechargeable. You don't get this kind of intensity from a rechargeable or battery powered vibrator. The Magic Wand original plugs into a standard wall outlet (110/120V AC). The Magic Wand Original is extremely well-built and will last for years.

    A growing number of couples have discovered that this vibrator is great for couples play. During sex, the woman holds the head of the vibrator on her clitoris (between herself and her partner). The results are extremely pleasurable and intense sensations felt by both partners insuring a euphoric romantic experience. Couples may also take turns during foreplay running the head of the wand over the clitoris and the penis to get their romantic flames fully ignited.

    The Magic Wand Original comes with a 1-year warranty. There's a reason it's America's trusted choice for a personal massager.

    • Model: HV-260
    • Two speeds: Low Speed 5000 rpm, High Speed 6000 rpm
    • Spongy Spherical Tennis Ball Sized Vibrating Head.
    • Flexible Neck
    • Six foot power cord
    • Power: 110/120V AC
    • Registered with the FDA as a medical device
    • One year manufacturer warranty

    We sell the authentic Magic Wand Original manufactured by Hitachi, not cheap counterfeits! It's the new and improved 2013 model (HV-260). Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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    I never thought at my age I would be shopping for a "vibrator". I tried many of the new smaller battery operated ones but none really were strong enough. I registered to this site about a month ago and ran across the magic wand. It seemed simple enough for me, so I purchased it. It is INTENSE! Perfect. Great buy, worth every penny.


    I came back here to review after receiving my wand, which came extremely fast, and I see these are sold out!!!! All I am going to say is I know why! Super great product. "wow" powerful. Skip all those mini vibrators and just get this, it handles many jobs..


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